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Privacy policy

Our privacy policy describes how we protect and make use of the information you provide when you create a Member account. The information you provide when using our service will only be used in the ways described in this privacy policy.
If you have any questions about this policy, please email us at or write to the address provided in the 'About us' page.

The information provided during the creation of the Membership profile is used to provide the service we offer and assists us in presenting timely and relevant information to our Members.

1 - What data we gather

  1. Name and address details and postcode;
  2. Contact information including email address and apps used;
  3. Transport or Work whether you post, seek or do both;
  4. Transport - the type(s) of transport you handle and the areas you cover;
  5. Work - the radius you are interested in receiving leads for works for;
  6. Website usage data;
  7. Other information we deem relevant.

2 - How we use this data

  1. For our own internal records;
  2. To provide a matching service to our Members;
  3. To contact our Members in response to their specific wishes and/or expectation as documented it in their Member profile;
  4. To customize our service to our Members;
  5. To send our Members promotional messages about our services and other things we think might be relevant to the Member.

Last reviewed: 02-02-2017

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