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Thai is a 'Tone language',  English is a 'Germanic language' making the two very different from each other. Thai speakers express with the use of tones whereas English speaker expresses with words.

The difference between the two languages often results in either an incorrect translation or an incorrect spelling of a Thai word into English.  

We could not find a database that provided us the completely correct English translation for each Thai province, place, district and even main street in Thailand and created our own. When we were in doubt we used Wikipedia as our guideline and where possible even added the phonemic transcription of a word, after all how to pronounce a word correctly in a 'Tone language' is important.

The result is the completely correct Thai translation of each province-, place- and district as well as many commonly used words and names. Just enter the name in one field and see the correct translation and spelling in the other.

Thai Do It